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Fobble Box Build

Busch Gardens "Spooktacular" | Summer 2023

I designed and built these boxes to cover fobble (fog bubble) machines. I also installed roller ball catches on each door to hold them closed.

Old Fobble Box Refurb

Busch Gardens "Spooktacular" | Summer 2023

These four boxes are covers that go over fobble (fog bubble) machines. I repaired them by replacing the unstable 1x2 framing with stronger framing made of 2x3s. I was able to reuse the original doors, side panels, and base.

Professional stage photos by Melodie Yvonne

20' Foam Trees

Purdue Theatre "Mr. Burns: a Post-Electric Play" 

Spring 2023

Each of the foam and masonite pieces were cut out on the CNC. We cleaned up the edges of each piece and sprayed Simalfa to glue the masonite to the foam. We attached rigging hardware to each tree, connected them to the battens, and stood them upright. Finally, we added 1x4 reinforcements on the backsides to support the glued joints.

Scenic Art

The Residence Fake Snow Blizzard

Busch Gardens "Howl-O-Scream" | Summer 2023

The Residence is a Christmas themed haunted house. In the first room, guests are in the front yard of a house and then they enter the garage. I applied fake snow flocking to make the house and the garage look like they had been blasted by a blizzard.