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You Can't Take It With You

Stage Manager   |   Eagan High School - Fall 2019

My high school production of You Can't Take It With You (YCTIWY)  had a cast of 22 and a crew of eight. Below are documents I used during six weeks of rehearsal and five performances. 

During rehearsals, I wrote down the blocking for each of the characters in the scenes. I used these notes to remind the actors or my director what blocking they had decided on to keep rehearsal moving smoothly.

During tech week, I added in the boxed cues. These were for calling light and sound cues, scene changes, and pyrotechnics. Since each cue was precise and intentionally placed on the page, my crew was able to execute the look and sound of the show exactly as my director envisioned it.

About halfway through rehearsals, I became concerned with how many essential props we were still missing while we were running scenes. I made this list of everything that was in the script that we absolutely needed to put on the show. This document allowed me to keep my director and set decorator updated on exactly which props we still needed to find before we performed the show.

This is my list of presets and scene changes that was used by the crew backstage to run the show. I worked with my backstage lead to make sure that they knew all the items that needed to be preset before a run and what needed to be moved during scene changes. This list allowed me to focus my attention on calling cues and coordinating the visual elements of the show.

This inventory of props was used to ensure that before each show, all props were accounted for and on the correct sides of the stage.

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