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Independent Study

In my senior year of high school, I did an independent study with my technical director to learn about the areas of theater I had not experienced while being a stagehand or stage manager. Since most of this learning was virtual, I elected to design a set and light cues for a scene for the "TV Set" in Hairspray

Vectorworks Portfolio png.png

First, I taught myself Vectorworks and created a digital model of my set plans.

(Theater model courtesy of John Ratzlaff)

Augment3d PNG.png

I also imported my set to Augment3D and added people to check my scaling.

Next, I created a set of lighting cues for my scene. I used ETCnomad to write cues while distance learning at home. Later that school year, I was able to load up my file to see how it looked in real life.

A video showing my cues in the theater

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