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White Christmas                                                                  Fall 2017

I designed, built, and painted these A-frame benches. I used a miter saw to cut the wood pieces for each bench. Each bench was simple to construct, lightweight, and stable.


White Christmas                                                                  Fall 2017

I worked with a team to rig these barn roof frames and the window frames hanging below them.


South Pacific                                                        Late Winter 2020

I designed and built these doors and the ladder on this shower room. I used a panel saw to cut the facing for each door.

The ladder was made out of 2x4s that I cut with the miter saw. I assembled the doors and ladder to the larger frame using a power drill.


One Man, Two Guvnors                                                     Fall 2018

I worked with a team to build these two 12-foot tall walls. To attach the added detailing made of 1x2s, we drilled pilot holes to prevent splitting.


White Christmas                                                                  Fall 2017

I worked with a team to build these rollable platforms. The frame was made of 2x4s covered by plywood on the top and facing on the sides. We also attached brakes to keep the platforms secure while actors were using them. 

Photo credits to MN Shotz Photography

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